Thursdays Daytime: True Form Youth Poetry

This course is based on the book The Clarification of Noble Character, by Habib Omar bin Hafiz, a contemporary scholar of Yemen.   It covers the qualities that good character and behavior rely upon and that we must cultivate into our inner and outer selves. The characteristics we will cover are: What is good character? Patience, Forbearance, Magnanimity. Intention, Good action, and Mercy. 

We will cover writing devices such as: 

Metaphor, imagery, metonymy, meter, personification, enjambment, and repetition.

We will cover poetry forms such as: 

Free verse, list poetry, couplets, tercets, sonnet, balads, quatrains, and more. 

Instructor: Sr. Wajiha Khalil

Ages: 12-15

Day: Thursdays

Time: 11am EST.

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Dates: January 23rd - March 7th

Live with recording. 

Cost: $95 (first child) $170 (two or more siblings)

Where: ZOOM (link will be emailed). Recorded.