Sacred Knowledge Through The Creative Arts!

Painting Revelation With IhsaanArt

Join us on Saturday, July 27th, for a special online workshop with Sr. Sabeen Mansoori of IhsaanArt. She will be teaching her signature art style, featuring beautiful calligraphy and intricate foliage. Participants will experience a blend of stunning colors, forms, and composition that create dhikr for the eyes and heart, all while building essential art skills for ages 9+.

Patterns & Borders/


Join us this Saturday, July 20th, for an exciting workshop designing borders and patterns from simple grids! Discover the ancient art of pattern making with endless possibilities and combinations. Perfect for budding artists aged 9+, and adults are welcome too! This workshop is a great way to learn this essential art skill and  to understand how to build pattern backgrounds with ease. 

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"The life of the heart is knowledge; so preserve it."

Imam al-Ghazali

Sacred Art Academy 

Sacred Art Academy conveys Islamic knowledge through visual art and creative discovery. The process aims to bring an integrated sense of understanding through engaging projects that attaches the student to the content through the context of their own being.


Haniya Shafi

"Jazakallah khair for offering these wonderful opportunities to be creative while learning, I wish I had someone like you to look up to when I was younger."


"When I found out my 11 yr old daughter's favorite art teacher designed an art class upon Imam Haddad's "Lives of Man" I was incredibly excited. It is one of my favorite Books. I've been taking the class with her and I love how the art journaling reinforces the concepts."

Umm Inaya

"My daughter absolutely loved your class. She loves the structure and how organized the class is. It's been a struggle to find classes that she likes. Thank you so much for everything."


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FALL 2024 Classes Coming Soon

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Fall 2024 Classes Coming Soon

Fall 2024 Classes Coming Soon